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The Bay Area Game Changers Team is committed to creating a workplace that is unique in its ability to provide exceptional work opportunities for positive, hardworking students of life looking to expand their capacity and dramatically stand out from peer groups.  In our organization, we are proud to train, challenge, support and mentor future leaders hungry to deviate from the “normal college kid job” or internship.


If selected, the position creates the space for team members to develop extraordinarily marketable/transferable skills, grow their confidence, cultivate strong relationships, and challenge their personal abilities and beliefs; regardless of their personality type, major, or future career path. 


Our representatives use their work experience as a vehicle to strengthen their financial freedom and transform their personal and professional lives, as undergraduates and beyond. If selected for a position, our team members construct an incomparably firm foundation for their futures and have acres of fun in the process. 


We are filling openings on a first come, first serve basis – for consideration apply ASAP!


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