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Become An Exceptional Business Person

"Our Game Changer commitment is to serve inexperienced aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with education that will help reduce overwhelm while creating streams of income."

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I started the Bay Area Game Changers Blog with the goal of offering readers a glimpse into my thoughts and experiences. What started out as weekly posts has evolved into a dynamic site packed with information about various topics to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Take some time to explore the blog and see for yourself what can help you increase your income and reduce your overwhelm. Read on and enjoy the videos!

- Mike Abramowitz, CEO of Bay Area Game Changers

My name is Mike Abramowitz, CEO of the Bay Area Game Changers. I graduated from the University of South Florida with my engineering degree and realized no matter what degree someone has, learning business and sales is VERY needed regardless of the profession they choose. I ended up learning these skills on my own during the past 20 years. So, now I help overwhelmed students learn simple strategies to help them go from busy to productive and truly experience the financial and time freedom that running a business could offer.  
I’m offering these FREE resources because my mission is to help bridge the gap from the classroom to the business arena. More students need to know how to create a brand, earn money while sleeping, manage a schedule, think like a business owner, set boundaries, avoid overwhelm, and general intangibles of being an entrepreneur. I’ve been in sales and business for almost 20 years and I’ve noticed how much is not taught inside the classroom. I’ve guest lectured for hundreds of hours and influenced tens of thousands of students, but I want to reach more young people with principles that helped me (and provide other lessons that I wish I knew in my earlier years). I believe you’ll get lots of value from the content!
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