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Differences Between “Routines” and “Rituals”

Let’s start with simple definitions.

A “routine” is a series of patterns or habits.

A “ritual” is a series of patterns or habits with a layer of purpose and intentionality.

See the difference?

Now, which one do you need?

We could argue that you actually need both. Routines give us order and structure. Rituals put that order and structure into ACTION.

Today’s video digs deeper into this concept and shares some practical examples of each. Let’s go!

Meet Your Instructor

Mike Abramowitz, CEO of the Bay Area Game Changers, earned over $150,000 while getting his Engineering degree from the University of South Florida. Not only did he pay for his education, but he also built residual income through three investment properties while still a college student. Post-graduation, Mike launched five profitable businesses, started a podcast, released nine books (three of which are bestsellers), and founded a local Tampa charity.

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