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Feeling Stuck? This Simple Activity Will Help!

Have you ever been stuck in a funk? Perhaps you’ve experienced a string of bad luck or failure. Maybe you’re going through a time of grief. Or maybe you’re just “stuck” in a low-energy, low-motivation period of life.

Mike Abramowitz, CEO of the Bay Area Game Changers, experienced a pretty intense, deep valley in his life. Between the deaths of two people very close to him, plus failures in business and a relationship, Mike needed to dig himself out of the hole.

His solution is surprisingly simple and effective. Learn all about it:

About Your Instructor

Mike Abramowitz, CEO of the Bay Area Game Changers, earned over $150,000 while getting his Engineering degree from the University of South Florida. Not only did he pay for his education, but he also built residual income through three investment properties while still a college student. Post-graduation, Mike launched five profitable businesses, started a podcast, released nine books (three of which are bestsellers), and founded a local Tampa charity.

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