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Free Business Resources for Building Entrepreneurs

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Welcome to our free business-building resource series from the Bay Area Game Changers! Our mission is to help students bridge the gap between the classroom and the business arena. We help students create multiple streams of income so they can graduate with unlimited options.

Today’s video provides an overview of what you’re going to take away from this series. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of your coach, Mike Abramowitz.

Mike Abramowitz, CEO of the Bay Area Game Changers, earned over $150,000 while getting his Engineering degree from the University of South Florida. Not only did he pay for his education, but he also built residual income through three investment properties while still a college student. Post-graduation, Mike launched five profitable businesses, started a podcast, released nine books (three of which are bestsellers), and founded a local Tampa charity.

“I believe that everyone entering the business arena post-graduation should position themselves to have options. My intention is to give you more value than you'd be getting from inside the classroom or any expensive program that may be attempting to teach business. And I want to give this to you for free; no strings attached.”

  • Mike Abramowitz, CEO of the Bay Area Game Changers

Using the Bay Area Game Changers principles and framework, Mike has created this free educational series to empower young entrepreneurs to dream bigger and build smarter. Why? --- He wished these resources were available to him when he was transitioning from the classroom to the business world. It's important to give back and provide them to the next generation of leaders.

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