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Part-time work. Full-time work. Student work. Flexible work. Side hustle. However you need it.....

We're filling positions across Florida...

Please review the position description below, fill out the form, and begin the process of becoming a Game Changer Team Builder!

Watch this 5 minute video to begin the process!​

Take the next steps towards becoming a Game Changer Team Builder
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We are offering part-time REMOTE work opportunities. We have social media marketing positions for students and graduates who are looking to gain great experience in a young, professional work environment.

Please review the position description below, and fill out the initial contact form. Once completed, take the next steps by registering for the onboarding course.


Are you an energetic self-starter who wants to join a dynamic company?
Bay Area Game Changers is seeking creative and committed members of our Social Media Marketing Team.  We are a subsidiary of a 40-year-old student development program providing sales training remotely across the state of Florida. Our office as been operating since 2008.  

For these positions, you’ll be responsible for distributing smart, fresh, effective external communications, thought leadership content and external media relations as well as ensuring the corporate brand and reputation are upheld across divisions.
You’ll be in charge of having a social presence on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other social platforms. So it’s extremely important that you have thorough working knowledge of these and others (ie. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, etc.). If you thrive on having true ownership and being recognized for your innovative thinking and independent work ethic, this is the place to be. We are a collaborative team, so you should enjoy strategizing, innovating, conceptualizing and tracking results. 
If this sounds like you – I highly suggest watching the video explaining the position and enrolling into the onboarding course!


Position Description

Game Changer Team Builder / Social Media Marketer

• Posting external content via Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media outlets
• Attracting new talent by creating an active voice of the company on social media, actively developing and implementing content to engage followers
• Engage with social media followers, responding to inquiries, particularly on Instagram and Snapchat through direct messages.
• Stay informed of trending topics and social media trends to leverage and/or communicate accordingly
• Work with department managers for feedback and helpful workshops
• Help brand, configure, and integrate social technologies for our multi-million dollar company 

• Detailed tracking of data and analytics for measured performance

• Submits stats daily and weekly to Departmen Cordinator 

• Sends daily WhatsApp communication to the department staff
• Approximate Working Hours Weekly:  8-12 hours/week

$100 weekly base + Commission + Bonus (Typically $200-$300+/wk depending on performance)

• Must own a laptop computer
• Expert in Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat
• Willing to learn online content production and scheduling
• Ability to identify target audience preferences and trends 
• Exceptional oral and written communication skills
• Time management and multitasking skills 
• Able to protect the confidential/privacy of various parties when privy to sensitive information
• Must be self-directed and able to work independently

• Must be aligned with corporate mission, vision, and purpose statements

• Must be excited and ethusiastic about helping build our Game Changer Team

Frequently Asked Questions

“What’s the name of the business?” 

We’re looking to fill a Social Media Marketing/Team Builder position for our Bay Area Game Changers Office. Basically, the position entails social media advertising for our student development program that provides sales training in the local Tampa Bay area. Our office has been operating since 2008 and we are currently growing very rapidly due to the virtual climate.


“What’s the business?”

It’s for a student work program that provides jobs to those interested in developing more skills around sales and business. The Social Media Marketing/Team Builder position entails using social media to help advertise the positions we have available. Then, like a doctor’s office or hair salon, appointments for qualified applicants are scheduled.


“What are the hours/schedule?

This position is VERY part time and flexible to start and we are looking for someone who would be available for a short 30-45 minute video training, plus 2-4 shifts weekly for a total of 5-15 hours/wk. We work with a lot of students who work mainly on weekends and evenings after class. So the schedule really depends on the applicant's schedule and everything is done remotely.

“What are the requirements?”

Since the position is entry level, no previous experience is required. During the onboarding process, we traditionally look for someone who has a strong work ethic, positive attitude, team player, reliability, and has a fairly strong social presence. Ages 17+ considered.  Conditions apply.


“What is the pay?”

As far as the pay, it’s a base of $100/week plus commission and bonuses. With the commission and bonus structure, most of our Team Builders end up earning between $200-$300/wk working from their phone and computer, depending on performance.  After completing the short 30-45 minute video training, Team Builders usually work 2-4 shifts weekly for a total of 5-15 hours/wk on average. 

“What exactly will I be doing?” 

You would be responsible for helping brand our multi-million dollar company on social media by engaging with followers and responding to inquiries through direct messages, particularly on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and Snapchat.  You would also ensure that the corporate brand and reputation are upheld across all platforms.  It’s similar to the role and responsibilities held by a brand ambassador or influencer, just less creepy and much more effective 😁.  We do have other departments within our headquarters that a new hire can rotate into for extra hours and experience as well.

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